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RESCUE - Hyper Island Final Project

During the last term at the motion designer program at Hyper Island, I have the opportunity to create anything within 12 weeks. During this time, I decided to create a Sci-fi action scene. The reason for this choice was because it would be a great challenge for me to create cool simulations in Houdini as well as making epic animations in Maya. 

For my project, I worked with Substance Painter and Substance Designer to create my textures. For some models, I made my textures internally in Maya using the Node-based texturing system in Arnold.

unnamed (2).png
unnamed (2).png
unnamed (4).png
unnamed (1).png

Houdini was used to create all my simulations, like an explosion and a portal effect. I also worked with Houdini to generate the terrain in my animation as well as the asteroid field shown in the last scene in the video.

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