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Krüger Im Weltraum



This game was created in programming class on my last year at secondary school. Me, together with two other classmates, decided to create a shmup (shoot 'em up) game for mobile devices. I took responsibility for creating the user interface as well as most of the programming, modeling and texturing. 



The story:

Krüger Guerrier is the captain of the new ship WI1729. 

In this game, humans are facing a huge threat, the species Mailliw, which has taken over large parts of the universe. Krüger has decided to stop this species, even though his chances of winning are extremely low. Many people in Krüger's crew are with him, but most are against the idea. These people therefore start a mutiny against Krüger and use the separation technique to divide the ship in two parts and escape with the other half of the ship. However, Krüger does not give up, he wants his part of the ship back. The leader of this mutiny is Alfons. In the game, Alfons appears on various occasions and shoots powerful fireballs against Krüger's ship. Alfons can withstand a lot of damage and he never really dies, he just hides from Krüger.

You play as Krüger and your job is to fight the enemies and to defeat Alfons!

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