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The Exodite

When I worked at Istudios Visuals, I had the opportunity to work with many exciting projects, one of them being "The Exodite". This is a Warhammer animated series created by Lost Legion Studios and Istudios Visuals. My task during this project was compositing, meaning that I combined the rendered footage with VFX.


Example of some of the scenes I worked with


(Transition between two shots)

(Cleanup + Replacement)

For this scene, there were several things that I needed to create from scratch in comp. Those things included adding tracers to the drone as well as adding a 3D grenade in post. 

(Raw Render)

The spear that is thrown in the animation had to be replaced with a grenade, which meant that cleanup was needed. Then, I added a 3D grenade by adding two planes with a sprite on and put them together in an X-shape. This way, it would look like a 3D object even if it wasn't. 


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