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My name is Harald and I am a 3D & VFX Artist from Sweden. I would consider myself a 3D generalist since I am comfortable working with compositing as well as 3D modeling or FX. My most frequently used tools are Blender, After Effects, and Nuke. In addition to this, I am also comfortable working with Cinema 4D, Maya, and Houdini. 

In October 2013 I created a Youtube channel with the name "CinRender". I was twelve years old at the time and I had an ambitious dream to create amazing 3D animations. In late 2014, I started selling 3D and 2D animations for people and that grew my knowledge of 3D significantly. 
When it was time for me to apply for high school, I decided to study 3D and animation.  Those years of high school were the most amazing years of my life. I graduated in 2020 and I then decided to continue to develop my knowledge by studying Motion Design at Hyper Island in Sweden. I've just recently graduated and I'm now working as a VFX Artist at the production studio Istudios Visuals.
I chose to keep the name "CinRender" for my branding to honor the dreams of my younger self.

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